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Brief Event Update On Lanka IOC (LIOC.N0000)

                     Brief  Event Update On Lanka IOC (LIOC.N0000)

Company Profile
Name - Lanka IOC company PLC .
Trading Code - LIOC.N0000
Dividend Forecast - Possible Dividend August 05
th to August 20th 2014 – Rs. 2/=

Target Price - Rs. 50 /= (Target Capital Gain 19%)

Financial Figures
Four quarter Profits - 4,896.5 Bn Rupees.
Earning Per share - Rs.9.04 /=
Past Dividends - Rs. 1/=
Book Value - Rs. 32/=
Individual PE - 4.6 Times.
Sector PE - 6.6 Times
Trading Price - Rs. 41.7 /= ( 28.05.14)

Lanka IOC is the Srilanka's 01 Listed Company of energy Supplying Market. According to their financial reports on 31st march 2014, they've recorded 4,896.5 Bn rupees for the last twelve Months and their Individual PE is being maintained at 4.6 times still, but Trading Sector Overall PE is 6.6 times, considering this Facts Lanka IOC is really Undervalue Company.Maintain Your Buy below Rs. 41.7 /=
PE - Price Earnings
EPS – Earning Per share

Disclaimer -
This report has been prepared by Mr. Tharindu Senadeera (Investment Advisor). The information and opinions contained herein has been compiled or arrived at based upon information obtained from sources believed to be reliable and in good faith. Such information has not been independently verified and no guaranty, representation or warranty, express or implied is made as to its accuracy, completeness or correctness, reliability or suitability. All such information and opinions are subject to change without notice.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Primal Glass Ceylon has announced their first and Final Dividend for the 2013/2014

Primal Glass Ceylon has announced their first and Final Dividend for the 2013/2014

Dividend Details - 
Company ID: - GLAS 
Date of Initial Announcement: - 22.Apr.2014 
Dividend per Share: - Rs. 0.38 per share / First & Final Dividend 
Financial Year: - 2013/2014 
Shareholder Approval: - Required 
AGM: - 30.Jun.2014 
XD: - 01.Jul.2014 
Payment: - 09.Jul.2014 

Trading Price             - Rs. 3.80 (28.04.14)

Recommendation      - Buy Below Rs. 3.80 

Company Profile (

Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC (formally Ceylon Glass Company PLC) is a company with a rich history of over 60 years which was initiated by a group of Ceylonese entrepreneurs after the country gained political independence. The company began modestly but grew with the technical guidance received from Nippon Glass in Japan and subsequently with BGI, Thailand, initially manufacturing Amber quart bottles.The company with its steady progress was recognized by the Colombo Stock Exchange in 1994 and thus became a listed company. The opportunity of coming under the umbrella of Piramal Group (A large Indian conglomerate and leaders in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and glass containers – apart from real estate and more) in 1999, spurred the company to reach greater heights. This strategic alliance paved the way for the company to have a global footprint in the Industry.As the Island’s sole manufacturer, Piramal Glass offers the entire moulded range of glass bottles for the Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics and Perfume industries.The infrastructure and overall competence endows the company with unique flexibility and a wider range with the capability to offer glass containers in different shapes and colours for the wine and liquor industry – irrespective of volumes.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be The Prestige Owner of Hatton National Bank ?

Hatton National Bank Dividend For The Financial Year 2013

Company Profile
Name                          - Hatton National Bank PLC
Trading Code              - HNB.N    | HNB.X
Trading Price              - Rs.154/= |Rs.124/=(25.02.14)
Declared Dividend      - Rs.7 Per Share(21.02.14)
Dividend Details
Date of Announcement: - 21.Feb.2014 
Dividend per Share: - Rs. 7.00 per share (Voting & Non-Voting) / Final Dividend 
Financial Year: - 2013 
Shareholder Approval: - Required 
AGM: - 28.Mar.2014 
XD: - 31.Mar.2014 
Payment: - 08.Apr.2014 

Financial Figures
Last four Quarter Profits    - Rs. 8,959.2 Bn 
Earning Per Share               - Rs. 14.47 /=Book Value Per Share         - Rs. 139.5 /=

Technical Sound within Four month  (HNB.X)


Company Has Declared a Rs.7 /= Per share Dividend with Eligible Voting and Non Voting Both ,When you Buy this company's Shares, You'll eligible to get 5.64% Dividend Return.According to Financial Figures HNB.X is being Traded at Under Book Value so this is a good chance grab highly potential stock. I have Attached HNB.X Four Months Technical Graph with this post ,You Can See through the it, HNB.X Has Been Traded between 113 to 128. If you would can Collect this share below 123 For as a Investor for Mid term or Long Term, you will have good Possibility to Make Money...I Recommend to buy HNB.X Only.Don't touch Voting shares at this movement (152) Maintain Buy Below HNB.X at Rs.123

DisclaimerIn compiling this Post/Site , Site Administrator has made endeavor to ensure its accuracy all time , but if some mistakes or errors any article of this blog  we're not liable to pay any losses or damage for you,Investors should take your own risk..when Investing...Before You Trade Any Share in stock Market Get Advises From Your Investment Adviser.   

Friday, February 21, 2014

Janashakthi Insurance Dividend Rs.1/= per share

Janashakthi Insurance Dividend For the Financial Year 2013

Company Profile

Name                          - Janashakthi Insurance  PLC
Trading Code              - JINS
Trading Price              - Rs.13.70/= (21.02.14)
Declared Dividend      - Rs.1 Per Share(20.02.14)

Dividend Details
Company ID: - JINS 
Date of Announcement: - 20.Feb.2014 
Dividend per Share: - Rs. 1.00 per share (Dividend is Subject to Tax) / Final Dividend 
Financial Year: - 2013 
Shareholder Approval: - Required 
AGM: - 28.Mar.2014 
XD: - 31.Mar.2014 
Payment: - 08.Apr.2014 

Financial Figures 
Last four Quarter Profits   - Rs. 1,031.0 Bn 
Earning Per Share              - Rs. 2.84 /=
Book Value Per Share        - Rs. 9.40 /= 

Technical Sound  

Recommendation  - Company Has Declared a Rs.1 /= Per share Dividend,When you Buy this company's Shares, You'll eligible to get 7.40 % Dividend Return. According to the above Technical Graph,Shares Have been Traded heavily between 13.50 to 14.30,If you would can Collect this share below 13.50 For as a Investor for Mid term or Long Term,you will have good Possibility to Make Money... Maintain Buy Below Rs.13.50

Disclaimer - 
In compiling this Post/Site , Site Administrator has made endeavor to ensure its accuracy all time , but if some mistakes or errors any article of this blog  we're not liable to pay any losses or damage for you,Investors should take your own risk..when Investing...Before You Trade Any Share in stock Market Get Advises From Your Investment Adviser.   


Friday, February 7, 2014

SCB Asia CEO bullish on Sri Lanka

  • Hong Kong-based Jaspal Singh Bindra sees huge positives in post-war progressive Sri Lanka
  • Says growth reflected in the bank’s business; new corporate biz includes sole financial advisor role for biggest private sector project Waterfront by JKH
  • Global giant is providing rating advisory service; working with Govt. and Moody’s to improve sovereign rating
By Nisthar Cassim
Standard Chartered Bank said yesterday it was bullish on Sri Lanka and the country’s future upside, encouraging it to expand business with new solutions as well as commit more support.
Optimism as well as confidence is coming from none other than Standard Chartered Bank’s CEO for Asia as well as Group Executive Director Jaspal Singh Bindra, who made a whistle-stop yet packed tour to Sri Lanka yesterday.
He met Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Central Bank Governor Nivard Cabraal and select corporate clients, while he also addressed the bank’s Sri Lankan team. He also visited the Colombo Port.
“We are seeing huge positives in Sri Lanka, which has been progressive post-war. I was heartened by the fact that all officials and our clients are bullish and on a reforms and expansion mode. As far as we are concerned, we are happy as well. We have grown our business with special support to the infrastructure and tourism sector along with introduction of new world class solutions,” said Baspal in an exclusive interview with the Daily FT.
“Corporates are very bullish and they are talking about expansion plans. This is further validated by our financing to some of those projects. Actually having spoken to some of our clients we realised that they have bigger plans than what we are financing. So that is very positive,” the Hong Kong-based Jaspal added, along with SCB’s Chief Executive Officer of India & South Asia Operations Sunil Kaushal and Sri Lanka CEO Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar.
SCB is the sole financial advisor to JKH’s Waterfront project, the largest private sector investment, as well as supporting the Shangri-La project. In addition SCB is also involved in SriLankan Airlines’ bond and syndication financing project.
SCB is offering sovereign rating advisory services and is working with the Government and Moody’s to improve Sri Lanka’s sovereign rating. SCB was also part of the recent successful sovereign bond exercise, which was oversubscribed by three times.
“Given SCB’s own bullishness on the future and expanded role in recent years, we will continue to increase our investment as well as solutions,” the Asian CEO said.
For SCB 2013 was the best in Sri Lanka, whilst overall South Asia was one of the better performing regions for the Group, despite challenges. SCB, which is the largest foreign bank in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and a leader in Sri Lanka, is “cautiously optimistic” about the region’s overall prospects for 2014.
Focusing on Sri Lanka’s financial sector, the SCB Asia CEO, who is completing 30 years in banking this year, welcomed the Central Bank’s Road Map for 2014 and beyond in principle and the proposed consolidation within the sector as a step in the right direction to ensure efficiency and stability.
He commended the Central Bank for its contribution to improving macro-economic fundamentals via prudent monetary policy, including keeping inflation at single digit level for several years.
Jaspal, who has been with SCB since 1998, feels Sri Lanka has great potential in tourism, leisure and entertainment, the knowledge economy including IT/BPO, higher education, and shipping and logistics, as well as manufacturing with the ongoing policy support and private sector investment.
He noted that given the unprecedented opportunities in Sri Lanka and the future upside, the country’s challenges include any downturn in the global economy. “As of now indications are that the global economy will improve and if that momentum stays in the next few years that will make a huge positive difference to Sri Lanka.”
Jaspal acknowledged that even with a conflict Sri Lanka was resilient to have posted an average economic growth of over 5%. “In the recent post-war phase the growth has been high at over 7%. The next few years are crucial for Sri Lanka’s takeoff as capacities are being enhanced and investments are flowing in,” he added.

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2014 turning point for Lanka’s equity market: Michael Preiss

  • 2014 could lead the way for next 5 years to potentially be one of the best periods for capital market since independence
  • Interest rate below 8%, Price Earnings ratio standing at 11, average country growth rate being 7% a “powerful” combination
  • Stresses that risk of not being in the market and investing is higher than risk of short-term volatility
By Shabiya Ali Ahlam
A top expert from the United Kingdom expressed confidence in 2014 being a vibrant year for the nation’s equity market and urged locals to participate if they wish to benefit from this growth story.
Visiting Director and Economic Advisor of Ceylon Asset Management Michael Preiss noted that when the “compelling” evaluation of the country’s growth is coupled with the fast-paced economic development, 2014 will not only be a turning point for the local equity market but will also mark the start of a very positive period for the nation.
“2014 is a turning point for Sri Lanka. It could lead the way for the next five years to potentially be one of the best periods since independence. With the civil war over and the nation having passed the adjustment period, the road is now free for the capital market to progress,” Preiss told the Daily FT in an interview.
From a market development point of view, he noted the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is putting a lot of emphasis on new product development to bring more depth and liquidity to the market.
Preiss, who has over 17 years of experience in global financial markets of New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore and is a Board Member of the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), said this potential was an element that many foreign investors would positively evaluate and conclude as good development since when looking at the Debt to GDP ratio, Sri Lanka stands out from other emerging nations.
When questioned on the importance of increased participation in the equity market, Preiss said: “In an economy that is fundamentally growing, the risk of not being in the market and investing is higher than the risk of short-term volatility. This is why there has to be indexation. Over time it is always better to be in an economy that is growing in the equity market than in cash.”
Highlighting the factors that make investments attractive for 2014, he said the interest rate being around 8% and the Price Earnings ratio standing at 11, along with the country growing at an average rate of 7%, is a “powerful” combination.
However, Preiss opined that despite the fall in cost of money which could lead to market expansion, locals might miss the opportunity of investing in the equity market because in addition to the interest rates, PE ratio and the economic growth combination not being clear, investors would perceive that the stock market performance in the last two years would reflect in 2014 as well.
“The majority fail to appreciate that in the last two years there were very interesting and important changes. One is that the CSE is developing the market by conducting road shows amongst many other initiatives. They are doing all the right things while also attempting to revalue the market at the same time,” asserted Preiss.
To increase participation, he stressed on the need to provide more investment options and for the Government to focus greatly on investor education.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

CSE remains an attractive avenue for investment and emerges as a top performer among Regional Stock Markets


The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) during 2013 provided an attractive prospect 
for investment with a 4.78 per-cent increase in the All Share Price Index (ASPI) and a 
5.79 per-cent yield on the S&P SL20 Index (S&P 20). The ASPI indicated the most 
notable increase in comparison to previous years, where 2012 and 2011 exhibited 
negative percentage changes of (-7.1) per-cent and (- 8.5) per-cent respectively. 

Bank interest rates decreased during the course of the year, following a directive by 
the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to tighten monetary policy; interest rates (Average Weighted 
Fixed Deposit Rate) have dropped from 13.21 per-cent on 31st December 2012 to 11.96 
per-cent as at 29th November 2013. 

The market witnessed certain selected stocks performing exceptionally, providing 
high yields to investors who diversified their investments over a range of equities. A total 
of 57 companies have given a total return in excess of 15 per-cent year on year for 2013 
(with 26 companies giving a return above 30 per-cent and 31 companies giving a return 
between 15 to 30 per-cent). 

The year also saw a total of Rs.119.4 Billion capital being raised through the stock 
market, with Corporate Debt amounted to Rs.68.3 Billion. The total capital raised during the 
year surpassed that of the previous year which closed at Rs.29.58 Billion. 
The CSE continued to attract foreign investors with a net foreign inflow of Rs.34.1 
Billion (excluding the net flow for corporate debt), building on the net foreign inflow of 2012 
at Rs.40.3 Billion. 
This was supported by Sri Lanka’s higher positioning in regional capital markets, 
being one of the top performers within the region ahead of the Singapore Stock 
Exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

Capitalizing on the attractiveness of the market, the CSE in association with the 
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will host a Foreign Investor Forum in 
Singapore on the 20th and 21st of January 2014 to attract foreign institutional investors. A 
series of local and foreign investor forums are planned for the coming months, to reach 
out to international intuitional and high net worth investors, as well as local investors
In a bid to encourage local investors and better educate existing investors the CSE 
has conducted a number of investor education programs throughout the island and will 
continue to educate the public on the various opportunities for investment available in the 

Sri Lankan Capital Market.  ( Click to Zoom)

Regional Market Performance
Graph 01   ( Click to Zoom)

ASPI & SL 20 Performance 2011 -2013

Graph 02   ( Click to Zoom)

Investor Contribution to the Marekt Turnover .

About CSE 
The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) operates the only share market in Sri Lanka and is 
responsible for providing a transparent and regulated environment where companies 
and investors can come together. The CSE is a company that is limited by guarantee 
established under the Laws of Sri Lanka. The CSE is licensed by the Securities and 
Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) and is a mutual exchange consisting of 15 
Members and 14 Trading Members. All Members and Trading Members are licensed by 
the SEC to operate as Stockbrokers. For more information, please visit:  
For more information: 
Niroshan Wijesundere 
Head of Market Development 
Colombo Stock Exchange 
Level 4, West Block,  
World Trade Center, Echelon Square, 
Colombo 01.  
Sri Lanka. 
Direct      + 94 112356510 
Mobile    + 94 777 819999   
Fax           + 94 112445279 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CIC Company Holding PLC - Retirement and appointment Chairman .

The Board of Directors of CIC Holding PLC has Informed to Colombo Stock Exchange as per the Listing Rules that Mr. B.R.L. Fernando,Chairman Of the company will relinquish his position fallowing his retirement with effect from 31st  December 2013.
Mr. Harsha Amarasekara, Independent Non Executive Director of the Company was elected to be the acting chairman from 01st January 2014.

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